"Contract Claus" a play in one-act. Produced at The North Park Vaudeville & Candy Shoppe at the 10-Minute Madness March 9-25, 2018, The Jones Theatre One-Act Festival in Westcliffe, CO 2016

"The Opossum Tail Tale" a one-act play was produced at The Women's Resource Center in July 2016; Granite Hills High School Oct 20-23, 2015; San Diego Fringe Festival 2014; West Coast Players, Clearwater, FL 2011



I took a Playwriting course at Grossmont College. It seemed the perfect fit. Since then I have written over twenty plays and have won several contests and had my plays produced across the country.


Most of my plays are one-acts. I enjoy writing about the snippets of life. The little things that effect us. The majority of my plays are comedies. I want to make people laugh at life.


Some of the plays I have written are:



“MARRIAGE COUNSELING” was produced at the Pend Oreille Playhouse in Washington



ALICE and FRANK get along too well. Their friends believe the relationship is not normal, so they convince ALICE and FRANK to seek counseling. Being a professional, the COUNSELOR manages to spark some disagreements…or does she. As the session proceeds, it seems that FRANK and ALICE do have issues that are easily resolved, but the COUNSELOR has bigger problems. Can ALICE help?  Maybe so.



"TEED OFF" was produced at the New Perspective Festival in San Diego, CA.



When a retired WWII veteran and a Vietnam-era hippy get paired up at the golf course, it becomes a battle of grit. Sam, a retired Marine and veteran of “the big war” meets peace-loving Mike, a long-haired Vietnam vet. Their differences become apparent while they overlook their common love of golf. As they slice and hook their way down the fairway they discover a disparaging common interest – Abigail. 



“Planned Obsolescence” was read at a Staged Reading in San Diego, CA



EMILY JOHNSON is an enterprising young woman. She purchased her own home about five years ago, along with all her appliances. But things began going terribly wrong with everything mechanical…and emotional. An appliance repairman, TREVOR MOORE, comes to her rescue in more ways than one.


“The Opossum Tail Tale” (see above for performances)



Scruffy little canine Elliot has led a rough (or ruff) life. He is hopeful and enthusiastic about the possibility of finding a new home. Lisa is looking for a companion for her aging canine friend. Will Elliot fill the bill? Yvonne, the shelter manager, is not convinced. But, Elliot is determined.


The following are a few of the plays I have written:

"Rob" AKA "Robbie" Produced at the Jones Theatre, Westcliffe, CO; The North Park Vaudeville & Candy Shoppe, San Diego, CA.

"Box of Worries" Produced at the Magnolia Arts Center, Greenville, NC: The North Park Vaudeville & Candy Shoppe, San Diego, CA.

"Contract Claus" Produced at the Jones Theatre, Westcliffe, CO, The North Park Vaudeville & Candy Shoppe, San Diego, CA.

"The Last Uh Huh"

"Amy is as Amy Does"

"Mom's the Word"



"Sign Here"

"Ear for an Ear"

"Animal Fat"

"Estate Sale"

"One Egg or Two"

"Shadow of Lyon's Peak"

and several more

In 1972, I obtained a job with San Diego Gas & Electric as the first woman auto mechanic’s helper. The pay was good – the communal atmosphere was not. This book is an amusing collection of snippets of my “non-traditional” life: the challenges, the people and triumphs. 


The book is available at smashwords.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other sites. Hard copies are available via my contact.


Other Writing


My writing career has taken me from creative writing to journalism to non-fiction and memoir.


I have been enamored with opinion pieces, like "Poli-Ticks" and "Who Can I Trust?" questioning why I should vote for anyone. 


Many of my memoirs are encompassed in my book "Do These Work Boots Make My Feet Look Fat?" A couple of my favorites are "Why Do I Own A Cow Bell?" about getting lost on the northface of Mt Shasta and "The Adventures of Deek" about being abandoned with a broken motorcycle in Baja California, Mexico. 


In my writing, as in my plays, my goal is to allow the reader to see the amusing side of life.




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